A Data Citation Primer

This primer is one of the outcomes of the Force11 Data Citation Implementation Pilot (DCIP). A central goal of DCIP is to "provide authoritative guidance and group consultation on data citation implementation" based on (a) the Force11 Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles (JDDCP) and (b) Starr et al 2015, its cross-domain implementation guidance.

It provides a quick overview over the main recommendations by the various working groups. It is directed at anyone interested in implementing data citation into the scholarly workflow. The site is split up by topics according to three key stakeholder groups: Authors, Journal Publishers and Editors, and Data Repositories

For Authors

Why should data be cited? How does a data citation look like and what components does it have?

For Publishers and Editors

How should data citations be implemented in the journal I am publishing/editing?

For Data Repsositories

What are best practices for data repositories to facilitate data citations? What information should I include on my landing pages and in what form?